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23 Cedar Court
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The Historical Society of Ogden Dunes would like to collect the history of every house, either new or old, either extant or gone, in Ogden Dunes. Could you help us by completing the items below where applicable for your home or former home or buildings you have knowledge of? Even if you do not know all the details, we would like any information that you do have. person compiling the data, date house's address present owner's name original owner's name other owners and dates of possession date built, type of construction, interesting architectural features, and changes over the years What can you tell us about previous owners, their contributions to the community, etc.? likewise for yourself and your family Please send information and photograph(s) of house to HSOD, 115 Hillcrest Road, Ogden Dunes, IN 46368. Blank forms are available at the Hour Glass museum and from trustees but it is not necessary to use them. We certainly welcome longer typed essays, several of which we have received. Any bits of information you can pass along, even a few facts scribbled on a napkin, would sure help us a lot. We would like to hear from you even if you are not a society member.
Jump to the list of house histories already collected. They are available for perusal at the Hour Glass Museum. Several have been transcribed and are here on the Web. Some of these house histories are not complete. Please do not assume that none of the addresses appearing on the list could benefit from additional details. The Historical Society of Ogden Dunes also has a collection of plans from many of the homes in town, from their original construction and from later renovation projects that we have been cataloging.

We warmly welcome volunteers to help with this project.