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A decade ago, the Town Board of Ogden Dunes appointed a historian, to the just-forming Portage Community Historical Society, to represent itself. A four-person historian/archivist committee was created at the end of 1988. Finally in 1991, the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes, Indiana, was incorporated and opened to regular members. Several programs were held at the town firehall. In 1992, Sue Mechtersheimer loaned us a house to use as a museum for local history and art. Sue gave the Hour Glass to the Historical Soc. of Ogden Dunes, Inc., the next year.

I realize that plenty of people like to make up stories about our area's local history but it sure is ironic that some lie about this historical society itself. Most people do not like doing primary or even secondary historical research but, gee whiz, the details of the ownership of this museum building wholly by this nonprofit corporation are all there in black-and-white. There's no need to invent stuff as the ghost stories book authors do.

The "Hour Glass" is a house built by Professor O. D. Frank at 8 Lupine Lane in 1934. The west wing was added on circa 1942. It houses the Society's collections of books, papers, & records; artifacts; and paintings & sculpture.