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Our Historical Society's Mission: To preserve, protect and present the history of Ogden Dunes, Indiana.

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Our website's focus is on the history of the town of Ogden Dunes and the folks who lived here. Less emphasis is placed on the regional issues better addressed by other wonderful local and state organizations surrounding us. We endeavor to add links to other organizations. If you are a member of another local historical society or organization you feel would be relevant to our readers, please feel free to let us know.

We welcome your input on how to make this site better and hope you'll enjoy its dynamic nature and the history of Ogden Dunes.

Here are a few 'quick links' to our town's most famous stories:

Click on this photo
to learn more about
the mysterious
'Alpha Wreck' on
Ogden Dunes beach.
Click on this photo
to learn about
Ogden Dune's famous
Alice Mabel Gray,
known locally as 
Diana of the Dunes:
Click on this photo
to learn about
the Great Ogden
Dunes Ski Jump: