Genealogy Basics by Emily Austin Duran

An overview of the tools available for genealogical research.

The Battle to Save the Beach: the 1980s

Richard Meister traces the efforts to save Ogden Dunes beaches given the challenges of the changing lake levels and the resulting State and Federal Government promises and actions. Part 1 focuses on the 1980s and Part 2 on the 1990s.

The Battle to Save the Beach – Part 2: 1990s – 2001

This video is Part Two in the story of Ogden Dunes’ fight to save their Lake Michigan beach. It picks up in the 1990’s when the community was able to save the shoreline as lake levels increased. The town’s effort, however, failed to arrive at a lasting solution. Beginning in 2014, the lake levels rose again, threatened the community. Today, the town is struggling through its 4th battle.

The 2008 Ogden Dunes Beach Storm

In September 2008 several weather events caused storms and flooding in Northwest Indiana, dumping a massive amount of debris on Ogden Dunes’ Lake Michigan beach. The town’s residents rallied together to clean up the beach and restore their community. A mix of graphics, animation, and video coverage of the 2008 weather event and its recovery efforts – presented by Dan Manas on May 26, 2019 for the Ogden Dunes Historical Society.

Artists of Ogden Dunes – 2009

Ogden Dunes, nestled along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, is a unique duneland community in northwest Indiana. In addition to its stunning natural environment, it is home to numerous creative individuals. This is a companion piece to the Ogden Dunes Historical Society’s 2009 Artist Walk, showcasing seven Ogden Dunes artists. Produced by Dan Manas – original music by John Muller

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