Cedar Trail 3

  Person compiling this form:   Joan Bolen, edited by RJM     Date:  March 18, 2019 Address:   3 Cedar Trail Present Owner's Name: Original Owner's Name:   1:   1926   Lynn and Evelyn Humphrey Glover Other owner's and date of possession:   2:   c. 1936   Guy [...]

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Cedar Trail 5

The house at this location, between Cedar Trail and Ogden Road, adjoining an undeveloped road and the park, was built by Richard and Matilda Siebert in 1947. According to County records, the Sieberts acquired the property in early 1947 from Earl and Helen Brown. The Browns had purchased it about [...]

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Collins, Fredric W.: Artist, Architect and Neighbor

The Ogden Dunes of Fredric W. Collins: Artist, Architect and Neighbor  By Dick Meister in collaboration with Rick Collins   The following was the basis for the program on Fredric Collins on October 2, 2005 and was published in the “The Hour Glass Newsletter” October 2005.    On October 2, [...]

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Dudley, Frank Virgil

Frank Virgil Dudley (1868-1957) The Historical Society of Ogden Dunes is proud to sponsor a program by author James Dabbert about local dunes Frank V. Dudley on Sunday, April 13, 2008. The program includes several Dudley paintings never exhibited in public. Dudley lived during summers in what is now the Indiana [...]

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Early Roads/Trails in Porter County

There were undoubtedly trails traversing Ogden Dunes before Mackenzie laid out our roads but they were obliterated long ago and, if there are any records of where they ran, I am unaware of them. George Dalby recalls an old hunters' trail from his childhood. It is still visible cut into [...]

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Gardening, Beautification and Restoration

Gardening, Beautification and Restoration  ‘Rays of Sunshine Among the Singing Sands of the Dunes’ By Dick Meister with contributions from Lois Braatz, Dorothy Kurtz, and Dena Green.  Special thanks for those who have added to the Garden Club Archives, including Christine Craig, Dena Green, Hank Kazmier, Betsy and Marion Kovacik, [...]

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