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Ski Hill Road 17

Seventeen Ski Hill is a house with many names. Originally built in 1933, it was the “Booth” house until the early 1950s. It became the “Hanson” house for a few years until the Hanson family sold it in 1955 to Jack and Barbara Ahrens and her mom, Katherine Parker. Then it became known as the “Ahrens” house. In 1999 along came Curt Winkle and Ken Martin who took the reins from Barbara and have made it their home. Through all those changes of ownership, there is one name that has stuck. It adorns the sturdy [...]

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Shore Drive 141

Person compiling this form: Hank Kazmier Date: 3/15/97 Address: 141 Shore Dr. Present Owner's Name: Hank & Manda Kazmier Original Owner's Name: Evelyn Bruner (formerly Phillips) Other owner's and date of possession: Purchased from Evelyn Bruner 29 April 1969 (Lots 3 & 4) -- 16 cottonwood trees Date built, type of construction, interesting architectural features and renovations: Designed 8-15-1949 by John Cerovski, architect, Chicago. 2 story, concrete block, cathedral ceiling What can you tell us about previous owners? - their contributions to the community, etc. Built by Evelyn and husband Phillips as a summer cottage. [...]

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Shore Drive 87

Naomi and Paul Ireland 87 Shore Drive Date Built, Type Construction 1949 Tri Level Concrete Block 4 Bedroom, Living and Dining room, Kitchen, Large Playroom and Garage -- 2 Bath Arch. Design by Paul and Naomi Shell of house Gordon Summers House finished by Naomi & Paul Electric Wiring, plumbing, radiant heating throughout house 1951 Addition three bedrooms, bath and screened porch Written by Naomi Svihla about 1993

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Shore Drive 70

Person compiling this form: Marietta Monahan     Date:   8-6-93 Address:   70 Shore Drive Present Owner's Name: Marietta Monahan Original Owner's Name: Mr. J. B. Monahan and Marietta Monahan owner's and date of possession: March 1, 1942 Date built, type of construction, interesting architectural features and renovations: Sept. 1 to March 1 -- 1941-42   Concrete block   Ted Hagerstrom - architect -- A. Cash - builder   Porch finished as dining room   Landscaping - renewal -- 1965   1966 - years of Update kitchen   2 baths   winning plumbing What can you tell us about previous owners? - their contributions to [...]

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Ogden Road 15

EDITH ROSESCU O.D.2.16.93 Here is the information which BETTY FUNKEY gave me about the house. DICK FUNKEY built the house around 1959 (the date of the blueprints). He and his family lived in it until approximately 1964. The house was then sold to the STEVENS family who lived in it for seven years. It is often referred to as the Steven's house. Mr. Homme calls it the "ANTLER HOUSE." It had an antler-like driftwood mounted to the west wall. I moved into the house in October 1972 (the house was sold in March 1972). There was [...]

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Hillcrest Road 16

The property at this location has an unusual, if not unique, history in the early development of Ogden Dunes. Having been associated with it personally or through family members and relatives for its first 39 years, I am reasonably confident, through written records and my own recollections, that the following account is accurate. Hopefully, it is worth this rather detailed recording. During the early 1920s, my aunt and her husband, Ethel Sloan and Donald Levi Moody, enjoyed camping and hiking in the sand dunes of this area. At that time these dunes were largely unspoiled [...]

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Cedar Trail 5

The house at this location, between Cedar Trail and Ogden Road, adjoining an undeveloped road and the park, was built by Richard and Matilda Siebert in 1947. According to County records, the Sieberts acquired the property in early 1947 from Earl and Helen Brown. The Browns had purchased it about ten years earlier from Charles and Bessie Yarrington, who were among the few early landowners and settlers in the new town of Ogden Dunes. The Sieberts had already been residents, having built the house at 23 Sunset Trail about ten years earlier, and were living [...]

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Cedar Trail 3

  Person compiling this form:   Joan Bolen, edited by RJM     Date:  March 18, 2019 Address:   3 Cedar Trail Present Owner's Name: Original Owner's Name:   1:   1926   Lynn and Evelyn Humphrey Glover Other owner's and date of possession:   2:   c. 1936   Guy and Mary Burroughs 3:   1940   Arthur and Dorothy Zimmerman Date built, type of construction, interesting architectural features and renovations:   Built 1926 -- Spanish style -- yellow brick over original stucco, red tile roof 3 fireplaces, 3 patios, 42 windows, beamed ceilings, heavy [...]

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Cedar Court 23

INFORMATION ON THE HECK HOUSE, 23 Cedar Court, Ogden Dunes. At the highest point atop the hill on lot #23 was built a small two-story concrete-block house by Paul M. Williams and Anne Williams, husband, and wife. Their deed was dated August 5, 1940. Dr. Maurice Avery, a next door neighbor who first built on the hill, mentioned that he remembered the house being built. At that time, Cedar Court only reached the bottom of the hill or the circle as I believe it was called. Kenneth S. Dysart and Mary E. Dysart were the next [...]

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Cedar Court 10

Charles Dolnics, vice-president of the Harbor Motor Company (an automobile dealership) in Indiana Harbor, and Clementine had their wood frame house with a basement and garage built in 1951-52. (See 12 Sept., 1951, Sandpiper.) Mrs. Dolnics salvaged the most tulips of anyone from the derailment of 1953. They made the front triangle into quite a show-piece. The tulips have dissipated over the years. The last stragglers were eaten by animals around a decade ago. Mr. Dolnics drove a front-wheel-drive car and had to back up the hill for traction. They were sorry to leave the [...]

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