INFORMATION ON THE HECK HOUSE, 23 Cedar Court, Ogden Dunes. At the highest point atop the hill on lot #23 was built a small two-story concrete-block house by Paul M. Williams and Anne Williams, husband, and wife. Their deed was dated August 5, 1940. Dr. Maurice Avery, a next door neighbor who first built on the hill, mentioned that he remembered the house being built. At that time, Cedar Court only reached the bottom of the hill or the circle as I believe it was called.

Kenneth S. Dysart and Mary E. Dysart were the next owners with a deed dated June 7, 1945. Restrictive covenants contained in lots 22, 23, and 24 gave the west portions of the lots to the village so that an extension of Cedar Court could be accomplished with a large parking and turn-around at the top. The Dysarts did this realizing that because of the topography of the hill, the entire project had to be built on their land. Ken Dysart had a wall built along the new west lot line indicating the new margins of lot 24 and the wall, being concrete, still exists today. The Dysarts also built an addition to the original house adding an upstairs bedroom, a downstairs den, and a large porch on the east end. They also included a two car garage attached under the new bedroom and added a new roof over the complete structure. They then later built stone patios and added a ground cover so that no grass was needed. Ken had a bad heart and after living in the house about 15 years he passed away of a heart attack and his wife sold the house so that she could live in Santa Monica with her sister who had also lost her husband.

The next and third owner at 23 Cedar Court was Dr. Robert Heck who purchased the house and the three lots on Sept. 15, 1961. The natural gas lines were already in place and functioning as well as the septic system, but city water had to be brought in April of 1962. Water Works people mentioned that if the pressure was adequate at the Heck House, it was adequate for the entire village. In the 60’s on snowy days it was sometimes necessary to park in neighbor Mrs. Buell’s driveway on Ogden Road and walk up her long flights of stairs on the side to the hill to the top. Now the Cedar Court road is well maintained and plowed and has been the site of several “block” parties in summer. Once the party had to be moved to our top patio because of the mosquitoes. At times the house has served as a residence for several of the 4 children, but usually, it has served as an all-seasons retreat.
-Dr. Heck 1-14-93