Dick Meister’s book on the “Battle to Save the Beach” is expected to be published in time for the Holidays.  We are asking a donation of $5 if you are a member and cost of $10 if you are a non-member.  Just leave your information in the locked box (just west of the town hall) or mail your request to HSOD, 115 Hillcrest Road, Ogden Dunes, In 46368.  Once the copies are published, we will get then to you.
If you know some one who is interested in becoming a member, with a complete membership application, the book is free. See our website ODHistory.org for details and application.
The illustrated book traces the town’s decades of efforts to preserve its beach from the ravages of higher lake levels, storms, and the loss of tons of sand through the placement of the barriers from the construction of the lake port.
The videos of Dick’s presentation on the subject can be seen at odhistory.org in the archives.  The book goes into more detail than these presentation so makes a fine addition to an understanding of the challenges Ogden Dunes and its residents along the lake have faced.