Report on the Ogden Dunes Ship Wreck (1936)


Following the write-up of an Indian trading post near Ogden Dunes, the article went on:

“Perhaps boats stopped here for trading purposes also.  One boat stopped, it is certain, for now, if the beach is just right and if the waves have been in an accommodating mood during the preceding winter, the top outline of the hull of an old boat can be seen.  This is not always visible; Nature has to be on your side if you are fortunate enough to be one of the few who have seen it.  I have seen it; I know it’s there, but you will have to weave your own sea-faring yarn about it, for there can be no material found on the subject.  Such a sailor’s story is not hard to imagine if you visit the place on a windy November night when the waves are dashing a frenzy of foam over the heavy timbered outline of the hull.  Nature has covered it up in the last few years, but as before she may, in one of her prankish moods, uncover it again and set us all to weaving stories anew.”

Excerpt from Portage Township History: Written by Crisman High School for The Vidette-Messenger (Compiled by the History Class and the instructors), published in the “Porter County Centennial Edition”, August 16 to 21, 1939, p. 16.