People of the Dunes (Individuals & Families)

Collins, Fredric W.: Artist, Architect and Neighbor

The Ogden Dunes of Fredric W. Collins: Artist, Architect and Neighbor  By Dick Meister in collaboration with Rick Collins   The following was the basis for the program on Fredric Collins on October 2, 2005 and was published in the “The Hour Glass Newsletter” October 2005.    On October 2, 2005, the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes sponsored an exhibit and program on “Fredric W. Collins: Artist, Architect and Neighbor”.  Fred Collins, who was born in Nova Scotia in 1915, died in Ogden Dunes in 2004.   At the time of his death, Fred was a [...]

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Gray, Alice Mabel: ‘Diana of the Dunes’: Time Line

Alice Mabel Gray: Time Line (dates and newspaper articles) 1881:  Note:  Birth Date- March 25, 1881 (U of C transcript) and not November 25, 1881 as found on death certificate on info from nephew. 1898?  Graduated from South Division High School    - “the college class” 1903   Graduated from the University of Chicago, Phi Beta Kappa, honorable mention in mathematics, astronomy, Greek and Later 1903  October 22:  United States Naval Observatory (hair cut short, and wore pants) 1905:  University of Gottingen 1908:  University of Chicago, editorial secretary from Astrophysical Journal 1916:   July:  Chicago Examiner, possibly first [...]

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Gray, Alice Mabel: ‘Diana of the Dunes’: Myth and Reality

“Diana of the Dunes” Myth and Reality   Alice Mabel Gray: March 25, 1881 – February 9, 1925   By Ken Martin and Dick Meister   On January 17, 2016 Ken Martin and Dick Meister presented a program on “Diana of the Dunes” to the Aquatorium Society as part of its Winter Lecture Series.  The program was held at 3:00 p.m. at the recently restored, historic Gary Bath House in Marquette Park.  Over fifty persons defied the zero degree, wind blown weather to attend the presentation.    In the power-point presentation of more than 100 images, [...]

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Cash, Arthur: Remembrances

The Remembrances of Arthur Cash with an introduction by Dick Meister Mitchell and Arthur Cash (c. 2010) Introduction: As I was developing the article of Les and Dess Cash, I made contact with Arthur Cash, their youngest son.  In response to my letter, Arthur not only answered a number of my questions but also wrote the following remembrances of his youth in Ogden Dunes. In addition he sent a photo of his father and Mitchell in front of Louella Davis’ cottage, near what is today’s Beach Lane and Shore Drive.  Arthur also asked his niece [...]

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Warrick, Bill: Journalist/Historian

Bill Warrick is a long-term resident of Ogden Dunes whose career spanned decades with CBS, NBC and affiliate stations in Minneapolis, Chicago, Gary and South Bend. On November 16, 2015, Dick Meister and Ken Martin presented a Tribute to Bill Warrick at the Ogden Dunes Fire Station hall.

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