In 1988 the residents of Portage, Ogden Dunes’ neighbor, established the Portage Historical Society.  This encouraged a group of four residents to establish a committee to explore the possibility of establishing a historical society in Ogden Dunes.  After a great deal of interest and support, the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes, Indiana was incorporated 1991 with nearly a 100 members.  Several programs were held at the town firehall. In 1992, Sue Mechtersheimer loaned the Society the “Hour Glass Cottage” to serve as a museum for local history and as an art gallery.  Being assured that the Society could support a museum,  Sue donated Hour Glass to the Historical Soc. of Ogden Dunes, Inc., in 1993, shortly before her death.

The “Hour Glass” was built as a vacation cottage for O. D. and Tillie Frank at 8 Lupine Lane in 1934. The west wing was added in 1943. It houses the Society’s collections of books, papers, artifacts and works of art.