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New Book: “The Battle to Save the Beach” by Dr. Richard Meister

Dick Meister's book on the "Battle to Save the Beach" is expected to be published in time for the Holidays.  We are asking a donation of $5 if you are a member and cost of $10 if you are a non-member.  Just leave your information in the locked box (just west of the town hall) or mail your request to HSOD, 115 Hillcrest Road, Ogden Dunes, In 46368.  Once the copies are published, we will get then to you. If you know some one who is interested in becoming a member, with a complete membership [...]

New Book: “The Battle to Save the Beach” by Dr. Richard Meister2020-12-04T12:18:44-06:00

Gardening, Beautification and Restoration

Gardening, Beautification and Restoration  ‘Rays of Sunshine Among the Singing Sands of the Dunes’ By Dick Meister with contributions from Lois Braatz, Dorothy Kurtz, and Dena Green.  Special thanks for those who have added to the Garden Club Archives, including Christine Craig, Dena Green, Hank Kazmier, Betsy and Marion Kovacik, Susan Mihalo, & Jenifer Wilson  On October 7 the Historical Society celebrated the opening of its 2nd annual exhibit, Gardening, Beautification and Restoration, under the theme, “Building Community Spirit”.    The curators for the exhibit are Marie Englehart and Dick Meister.  The Henry ‘Hank’ Kazmier [...]

Gardening, Beautification and Restoration2019-02-19T09:30:31-06:00

Tragedy in the Dunes: Historical Note

Tragedy in the Dunes: Historical Note Saturday, August 27, 1938 On a warm Saturday night in August in Ogden Dunes a group of high school and college students had planned their last summer outing before most returned to their homes or colleges.  This group, informally organized, called themselves the ‘rafters’.  Earlier that summer they had built a raft which they used for diving or sun bathing, thus their name.    Throughout the summer they also organized many group activities, including scavenger hunts and trips to Miller or Chesterton.  They decided that the last activity would be [...]

Tragedy in the Dunes: Historical Note2019-02-14T11:26:49-06:00

Ogden Dunes Ship Wreck: 1936 Article in the Vidette-Messenger

  Report on the Ogden Dunes Ship Wreck (1936)   Following the write-up of an Indian trading post near Ogden Dunes, the article went on: “Perhaps boats stopped here for trading purposes also.  One boat stopped, it is certain, for now, if the beach is just right and if the waves have been in an accommodating mood during the preceding winter, the top outline of the hull of an old boat can be seen.  This is not always visible; Nature has to be on your side if you are fortunate enough to be one of [...]

Ogden Dunes Ship Wreck: 1936 Article in the Vidette-Messenger2018-08-26T12:38:57-05:00

History of Garden Club

On October 16, 1974 a group of women in Ogden Dunes organized the Garden Club of Ogden Dunes with 28 charter members.   It received its charter or federation status with the Garden Club of Indiana and the National Council of State Garden Clubs  on January 28, 1975.   Its purpose is to promote interest and knowledge in gardening and conservation and to further home and civic beautification. The members, who were limited to 30, paid annual dues, made a purchase at a fund raiser, and volunteered on committees, as well as hosting or co-hosting [...]

History of Garden Club2018-08-26T15:12:19-05:00

1930: Port Williams

Ogden Dunes and the Planned City of Port Williams By Dick Meister In the 2010 donation to the Historical Society of the papers of the late Joseph Thomas, an Ogden Dunes resident, journalist and editor for the Gary Post-Tribune,  by his daughter (see September 2010 issue of The Hour Glass Newsletter) was a large plat map of the proposed city of Port Williams to be located just east of Burns Ditch and south of Dunes Highway (U.S. 12). Port Williams was to be another Gary and is a precursor of Burns Harbor and the Port [...]

1930: Port Williams2018-08-02T21:01:59-05:00

1917: The Great Pageant – 5 Participants Who Later Lived in Ogden Dunes

Ogden Dunes Participants in the Great Pageant   In the October 5, 1940 issue of the Ogden Dunes Sandpiper, a periodic community newsletter, published by Ogden Dunes Realty, a short article appeared, We plan someday to retell the story of the Great Pageant of the Dunes which was presented at Waverly Beach on June 3, 1917.   In the meantime we think it worth mentioning that three of our Ogdenites were among the seven hundred plus persons taking part.  Mrs. Ethel Durfee, then of Chicago, was secretary of the Dunes Pageant Association which had general control [...]

1917: The Great Pageant – 5 Participants Who Later Lived in Ogden Dunes2018-08-03T09:26:05-05:00

Women’s Club: New Year’s Eve Follies

The Ogden Dunes Charity Ball a.k.a the New Year’s Eve Follies Information and memorabilia needed for Archives [Written in May 2008 for the "Hour Glass Newsletter"]   Recently, Connie Daley, former resident of Ogden Dunes, contacted the Historical Society offering to donate archival material on the boy’s soccer team’s trip to Russia in 1971 and the New Year’s Eve “Follies”, known in its first two years as the Ogden Dunes Charity Ball.  The Historical Society gladly accepted her offer.  The materials include newspaper clippings on the Russian trip and the 1968 Follies, programs from the [...]

Women’s Club: New Year’s Eve Follies2018-07-26T14:01:29-05:00

Hine, Ken: Return of the Native

Return of the Native:  The Ken Hine Story by Dick Meister On August 19, 2014 while I was working in my overgrown front yard at 75 Ogden Road, a car with a New York license place, PU SU, drove slowly by.  It soon turned around, stopped and a white-headed gentleman, about my age, asked with some hesitation if I lived in the dunes.   Given my yard outfit, I certainly did not look like a resident.   He then introduced himself as Ken Hine who had moved to a home on Ogden Road when he was 11.    [...]

Hine, Ken: Return of the Native2018-08-02T20:59:36-05:00
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