The “Hour Glass” is a historic house built by Professor O. D. Frank at Eight Lupine Lane in 1934. The west wing was added on circa 1942.

The building now houses the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes’ collections of books, papers, & records; artifacts; and paintings & sculpture. In 1992, Sue Mechtersheimer loaned the Society the Hour Glass, to use as a museum for local history and art. The following year, Sue gave the house to the Historical Society. The main floor is used for programs, meetings, and historical exhibits. The ground level houses collections and storage.

A start was made towards arranging the various artworks on the ground floor but that was never pursued very far. Our current trustees are more concerned with local history than with art. If any of you would care to volunteer to further arrange our art collection, assemble more information about the materials, and gather more information about other Ogden Dunes artists and their work, we would certainly appreciate your input.

The Hour Glass local history museum is at 8 Lupine Lane, in Ogden Dunes, Indiana. Use one of the on-line mapping services, if you do not know the way to get here. Please note however that Lupine is a one-way running from west-to-east. Drive north into town along Hillcrest Road. Drive past Lupine Lane to the top of the Hillcrest Road, then turn left onto Sunset Trail. The road immediately will split left and right. Take the left fork onto Woodland Trail. Head down the hill and left again onto Lupine Lane.

The Museum is not as difficult to find, as that might make it sound. All of that was simply describing going around one block counter-clockwise.

The Hour Glass was the name of the house and now, the museum. It is a local historical museum and showplace for local artworks. For hourglass aficionados, we regret to report that the Hour Glass Museum is not a museum of hourglasses!