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Collins, Fredric W.: Artist, Architect and Neighbor

The Ogden Dunes of Fredric W. Collins: Artist, Architect and Neighbor  By Dick Meister in collaboration with Rick Collins   The following was the basis for the program on Fredric Collins on October 2, 2005 and was published in the “The Hour Glass Newsletter” October 2005.    On October 2, 2005, the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes sponsored an exhibit and program on “Fredric W. Collins: Artist, Architect and Neighbor”.  Fred Collins, who was born in Nova Scotia in 1915, died in Ogden Dunes in 2004.   At the time of his death, Fred was a [...]

Collins, Fredric W.: Artist, Architect and Neighbor2018-08-03T09:26:49-05:00

The Battle to Save the Dunes: 1952 to 1966 The Ogden Dunes Story

HSOD Exhibit Battle to Save the Dunes rev 050216 wphoto   The Battle to Save the Dunes:  1952 to 1966 The Ogden Dunes Story by Dick Meister (This story was prepared for the Exhibit, “The Battle to Save the Dunes” in collaboration with the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and other museums in Porter County and was published in the “Hour Glass” Newsletter, May 2016.  The exhibit was on display from the Autumn of 2016 to the Autumn of 2017 in the West Room of The Hour Glass Museum and is currently on display in the [...]

The Battle to Save the Dunes: 1952 to 1966 The Ogden Dunes Story2018-07-10T15:06:16-05:00

Woodland Trail 11: “Dune Ridge”

11 Woodland Drive: “Dune Ridge” (taken from Catalogue for 2007 Ski Hill House Walk) This home sits on the northeast corner of Woodland Trail and the northern end of Ski Hill Road.  It also has had a number of addresses over the years, including 1 Ski Hill Circle and 1 Ski Hill Road.  In 1936 Joseph Mahoney with the help of his father and son built this cottage/home on the dune overlooking Woodland Trail.  He named the family’s new home, “Dune Ridge.” Unlike the other homes on Ski Hill Road, this was a frame house [...]

Woodland Trail 11: “Dune Ridge”2018-08-03T09:32:50-05:00

Summit Road 8

8 Summit Road: Home & Studio of Marie Englehart (1st appeared in catalogue for the 2019 Artists’ Home/Studio Walk, Ogden Dunes) The Artist Marie Englehart lives art.  This is reflected in her own work but especially in her home that is filled with art, especially art of indigenous people and the work of artists who have influenced her.  Growing up in a home with a mother who was a home economics teacher, she and her sister began sewing and creating clothing almost from the time they entered 1st grade.  It was natural for Marie to [...]

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Gray, Alice Mabel: ‘Diana of the Dunes’: Time Line

Alice Mabel Gray: Time Line (dates and newspaper articles) 1881:  Note:  Birth Date- March 25, 1881 (U of C transcript) and not November 25, 1881 as found on death certificate on info from nephew. 1898?  Graduated from South Division High School    - “the college class” 1903   Graduated from the University of Chicago, Phi Beta Kappa, honorable mention in mathematics, astronomy, Greek and Later 1903  October 22:  United States Naval Observatory (hair cut short, and wore pants) 1905:  University of Gottingen 1908:  University of Chicago, editorial secretary from Astrophysical Journal 1916:   July:  Chicago Examiner, possibly first [...]

Gray, Alice Mabel: ‘Diana of the Dunes’: Time Line2018-08-02T20:38:44-05:00

Gray, Alice Mabel: ‘Diana of the Dunes’: Myth and Reality

“Diana of the Dunes” Myth and Reality   Alice Mabel Gray: March 25, 1881 – February 9, 1925   By Ken Martin and Dick Meister   On January 17, 2016 Ken Martin and Dick Meister presented a program on “Diana of the Dunes” to the Aquatorium Society as part of its Winter Lecture Series.  The program was held at 3:00 p.m. at the recently restored, historic Gary Bath House in Marquette Park.  Over fifty persons defied the zero degree, wind blown weather to attend the presentation.    In the power-point presentation of more than 100 images, [...]

Gray, Alice Mabel: ‘Diana of the Dunes’: Myth and Reality2018-08-02T20:30:42-05:00

Cash, Arthur: Remembrances

The Remembrances of Arthur Cash with an introduction by Dick Meister Mitchell and Arthur Cash (c. 2010) Introduction: As I was developing the article of Les and Dess Cash, I made contact with Arthur Cash, their youngest son.  In response to my letter, Arthur not only answered a number of my questions but also wrote the following remembrances of his youth in Ogden Dunes. In addition he sent a photo of his father and Mitchell in front of Louella Davis’ cottage, near what is today’s Beach Lane and Shore Drive.  Arthur also asked his niece [...]

Cash, Arthur: Remembrances2018-08-02T20:23:04-05:00

Artist’s Home/Studio Walk: 2009

Historical Society of Ogden Dunes October 4, 2009  11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Ogden Dunes, from its founding in 1925, has attracted and nurtured artists.  The dunes, the lake and the many varieties of trees and flora provide an environment that continues to stimulate the creative imagination.  Many of these artists established studios in their duneland homes. Over the years these artists have been involved with state, regional and local art associations and galleries.  The highly respected Hoosier Salon between the 1920s and 1970s invited a number of artists from Ogden Dunes to be part [...]

Artist’s Home/Studio Walk: 20092018-08-02T20:24:39-05:00

Reck, Samuel & Nelson: Ogden Dunes’ First Family

Samuel  H. (January 1867 – September 1951) and Anna Nelson Reck (1871 – May 5, 1941) By Dick Meister (August 31, 2010) Without the family of Samuel Henry and Anna Nelson Reck, Ogden Dunes, as we know it, would not exist.  Samuel and his oldest son, Nelson, took the lead in making the town a reality.  Their physical presence in the dunes ended with the retirement and move of Nelson and his wife, Helen, in 1971 to California.   Yet, their commitment and many contributions have allowed the community to continue to flourish. Recently, the Historical [...]

Reck, Samuel & Nelson: Ogden Dunes’ First Family2018-08-02T20:25:36-05:00

1940: Residents Listed on the U.S. Census

By Dick Meister By federal law the individual census records are not open to the public until seventy years after the census was taken.  Thus, on April 2, 2012 the United States Census Bureau was able to release the 1940 Census.  This manuscript census contains the census interviewer’s handwritten responses to a set of standardized questions.  The 1940 Census is more extensive than earlier censuses.  It not only lists the name, age, sex, marital status and relationship to the head of the household, but also the value of the home, if owned, or the monthly [...]

1940: Residents Listed on the U.S. Census2018-08-03T09:30:38-05:00
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