Garden Club

The Garden  Club was organized in 1974 and became a member of the Federation of Garden Clubs of America in 1975.  In the beginning it was limited to 30 members.  The Club met once a month with a business meeting and a program.  Each member paid annual dues, as well as attending at least six meetings/programs per year, serving on committees, and hosting or co-hosting a monthly meeting.   In addition the Club sponsored field trips for its memberships and participated with a float in the annual Memorial Day Parade, Service and Picnic.

In the early years the meetings were usually held in a member’s home.  By the early 1990s, the meeting were held  in the Community Church.  The major fundraiser each year was creating crafts to hold at the Arts and Crafts Bazaar.  Funds raised were directed at beautifying the Town’s public areas, especially at the entrance, around the Police Department, and the Bulletin Board in front of the Fire Station.

History of Garden Club

On October 16, 1974 a group of women in Ogden Dunes organized the Garden Club of Ogden Dunes with 28 charter members.   It received its charter or federation status with the Garden Club of Indiana and the National Council of State Garden Clubs  on January 28, 1975.   Its purpose is to promote interest and knowledge in gardening and conservation and to further home and civic beautification. The members, who were limited to 30, paid annual dues, made a purchase at a fund raiser, and volunteered on committees, as well as hosting or co-hosting [...]

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