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Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Ogden Dunes

Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Ogden Dunes by Dick Meister   (Prepared for The Mid-Century Modern Architectural Tour on September 10, 2015.  This is Part One, published in “The Hour Glass” Newsletter, March 2016)   Indiana Landmarks, a state-wide, not for profit organization, is dedicated to preserving historic sites through educational programs, tours, and the protection of historic sites.  One of its most popular programs is the day-long tour focusing on the historic sites of community or an area of the state.  These programs draw participants from throughout the state, as well as from neighboring states. [...]

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Mid-Century Modern House Tour: Part Two

Mid-Century Modern House Tour:  Part Two by Dick Meister (Prepared for the Mid-Century House Tour of Ogden Dunes on September 19, 2015 and published in “The Hour Glass” Newsletter, March 2017)   In an earlier of the newsletter, we featured the five homes that were visited on the Indiana Landmarks Tour on September 19, 2015.   This article focuses on the four other buildings that were visited on the same tour, the Community Church of Ogden Dunes, which hosted the participants on the tour, and three homes that were viewed only from the exterior.    The Community [...]

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Woodland Trail 11: “Dune Ridge”

11 Woodland Drive: “Dune Ridge” (taken from Catalogue for 2007 Ski Hill House Walk) This home sits on the northeast corner of Woodland Trail and the northern end of Ski Hill Road.  It also has had a number of addresses over the years, including 1 Ski Hill Circle and 1 Ski Hill Road.  In 1936 Joseph Mahoney with the help of his father and son built this cottage/home on the dune overlooking Woodland Trail.  He named the family’s new home, “Dune Ridge.” Unlike the other homes on Ski Hill Road, this was a frame house [...]

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Summit Road 8

8 Summit Road: Home & Studio of Marie Englehart (1st appeared in catalogue for the 2019 Artists’ Home/Studio Walk, Ogden Dunes) The Artist Marie Englehart lives art.  This is reflected in her own work but especially in her home that is filled with art, especially art of indigenous people and the work of artists who have influenced her.  Growing up in a home with a mother who was a home economics teacher, she and her sister began sewing and creating clothing almost from the time they entered 1st grade.  It was natural for Marie to [...]

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The Hour Glass Museum at 8 Lupine Lane

The "Hour Glass" is a historic house built by Professor O. D. Frank at Eight Lupine Lane in 1934. The west wing was added on circa 1942. The building now houses the Historical Society of Ogden Dunes' collections of books, papers, & records; artifacts; and paintings & sculpture. In 1992, Sue Mechtersheimer loaned the Society the Hour Glass, to use as a museum for local history and art. The following year, Sue gave the house to the Historical Society. The main floor is used for programs, meetings, and historical exhibits. The ground level houses collections [...]

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Ski Hill Road: Historic Houses 2007 House Walk

On September 23, 2007 the Historical Society sponsored its first ever tour of houses. The focus of this event was the history of the homes built in the early formation of Ogden dunes. This is an image of the promotional banner used for the House Tour event.  An extensive overview of the featured houses was written by Richard Meister and published in the special house tour edition of The Hour Glass in September 2007 (volume 5, number 3). Excerpts of Dr. Meiste's publication are below. The Historic Homes of Ski Hill Road By Dick Meister Importance of these [...]

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